Scalability. Operational Efficiency. Accuracy.

B-One is BISAM’s multi-asset solution trusted by an ever-growing number of global asset managers to enhance their investment strategies and better service their clients, while maintaining high levels of security, risk management, process control and operational scale. B-One easily integrates with middle and back-office systems to streamline the entire investment management process and reduce operational cost.

With B-One you can:

  • Consolidate and calculate performance results
  • Align performance calculations with investment processes
  • Support current and future client mandates
  • Reduce operational overhead
  • Enhance the client experience
  • Easily broadcast accurate performance data


Many of the world’s leading buy-side firms use BISAM to evaluate and enhance their investment strategies and better service their clients, while maintaining high levels of security, data management, transparency, process control and operational scale. Request a product demo today.


B-One Solutions

Be confident in the results your team delivers with B-One’s powerful performance measurement, attribution and GIPS® composites management solutions.

Performance Management

A full range of performance and risk return ratio calculations on both mutual funds and institutional portfolios for a relevant interpretation of analyzed results.

Key features:

  • SEC compliant mutual fund returns
  • SRRI calculations to support UCITS IVs KIID reporting
  • Library of Ex-Post risk statistics and ratio calculations
  • Standard and custom return calculations
  • Standard and custom time periods
  • Flexible gross / net of fee functionality
  • Calculate both returns and Profit and Loss results

Performance Attribution
Equity, Fixed Income, Multi-Asset

The most advanced equity, balanced and fixed income attribution methodologies to audit and analyze standard and specific instruments, while adapting to any management processes.

Key features:

  • Multiple equity methodologies to match your investment style: Brinson Fachler, Brinson Hood Beebower, Karnosky & Singer
  • Multiple fixed income methodologies to match your investment style: Single Duration analysis or Key Rate Duration analysis
  • Transaction based or buy and hold analysis
  • Support for multiple benchmarks per portfolio
  • Configurable to support multiple currencies, multiple time periods, and multiple security classification schemas

GIPS® Composites Management

Management tools and easy-to-use disclosures functionality providing the required information to meet CFA’s standards and certification.

Key features:

  • Integrated with B-One’s Performance Measurement solution, or stand alone
  • Multi-firm and multi-currency capabilities
  • Rules based or manual composite membership
  • Flexible gross / net of fee functionality
  • Automatic controls & checks at firm, composite, and portfolio levels
  • Robust disclosure management functionality

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Data Management

B-One’s Extensive Data Management functionality speeds the integration of disparate data sources, enforces data quality standards, provides high security, reduces the operational errors and costs associated with manual data entry, and automates full or partial userdefined

Key features:

  • Robust data model to capture pertinent data from all upstream systems
  • Stringent technical data validation, pre-calculation reconciliation, and post-calculation tolerance to ensure completeness and accuracy of inbound data
  • Flexible security classification functionality to align the attribution analysis to your portfolio management processes
  • Best-of-breed workflow management to automate the performance process, route errors to the appropriate users, and measure Key Performance Indicators
  • Data export mechanisms to integrate with dependent systems for cross system reporting
  • Powerful entity management functionality to represent complex investment structures

Delivery Capabilities

B-One’s Flexible Information Delivery capabilities provide intuitive tools for self-service and ad hoc internal reporting, allowing for easy and effective distribution of performance data across the entire organization (Front Office, Marketing & Sales, Management, etc.) as well as the extraction of any type of market and portfolio data in multiple formats and languages.

Key features:

  • Family of tools to deliver the right information to the right people
  • B-One:robust analysis layer for direct drilldown interrogation of performance & attribution results
  • B-One Analyzer: native add-into Excel to extract and analyze data throughout the organization
  • B-Portal: intuitive browser interface to deliver information across both desktop and mobile applications
  • Formatted reports: pre-defined templates to deliver results to internal and external clients



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